P.L.U.S. focuses on reading comprehension and reading fluency, as well as mathematical understanding. These are the building blocks of education and vital tools that are necessary for the pursuit of higher education.


Our goal is to give every student the empowering learning opportunities and personalized attention needed to invigorate their minds and inspire them to succeed academically. We focus on urban students who are underprivileged and give them the skills to advance themselves.


By evaluating each student's needs, we create an individualized education plan wherein we focus on strengthening their underdeveloped skills and encouraging continued growth in subjects they are succeeding in already.

Who we help.

Urban and underserved students who need assistance with reading, spelling, math, and comprehension.

At P.L.U.S., we want every child to succeed and we want to make education as accessible as possible. That is why we work with parents to accommodate busy schedules and navigate financing options.

We want every child to experience the power of learning, and to know their worth.


What Your Child Can Accomplish through P.L.U.S.?


When your child is struggling in the classroom, getting the help they need can be overwhelming. At PLUS we make learning accessible to students and focus on their needs as individuals. We offer instruction to develop and strengthen the following areas:

Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary and Spelling

College Essay Writing

Public Speaking

Critical Thinking

Executive Functioning