Palabras (Reading and Spelling)

We enhance reading skills by approaching reading from multiple angles. By building mental imagery for letters and words, we develop phonetic awareness and strengthen word attack skills.  We teach students the rules of decoding (word attack) so students can become more independent when reading and spelling. Comprehension when reading is essential to the learning process, in any subject. When these abilities are enhanced by our unique instructional process, students become more confident in all facets of their education.

Problem Solvers (Comprehension and Critical Thinking)

We teach students to read beyond the sentence in order to grasp the author's message and main idea while creating predictions about the text. By encouraging students to develop mental images of the text, we teach them to recall specific details. These skills foster a broader comprehension, which enables students to answer high-order thinking questions that appear on standardized testing like the SAT, which influences their futures.

Plus & Minus (Math)

We teach students to break down word problems and to think critically about what is being asked. By showing students how to apply their ability to create mental imagery for symbols, they conceptualize mathematical functions and equations to bring about greater understanding. Math is often a weak subject for many creative children, but by allowing them to reenvision numbers it becomes more comprehensible to students who would otherwise give up when faced with complex formulas.

When Learning is FUN...... The projects get DONE!! (1)

Designed with your child in mind.

Through analyzing a child's specific strengths and weaknesses, we create a personalized plan to best serve their needs. Schools create their curriculum to encompass the general population of the student body, but here at PLUS we don't generalize anything about our educational process.

In order to ensure success, we sometimes refer students to outside testing in order to establish the best plan to suit their learning style.